How does CabPayLINK work?

Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQ's")

What are the CabPayLINK Transaction Costs?

Transaction costs are just 1.49% per transaction for bank transfers, and for card payment links, your normal transaction costs shall apply.

What Hardware is required?

You do not require any independent hardware, you simply require a smartphone capable of running the Cabvisiondriver app which can be downloaded for free from GooglePlay or App Store.

When will I be paid?

You will be paid the next day, 7 days per week.

Do I need to be an existing Cabvision customer?

No, you do not need to be an existing customer, although you are required to register here to complete the online sign-up process before you can use the Cabvisiondriver app.

How does CabPayLINK work?

Drivers generate a secure CabPayLINK via the Cabvisiondriver app that they send directly to customers' smartphones. This avoids the need to use any hardware whatsoever! The customer simply taps on the CabPayLINK and generates either a QR code, sms or email which when opened, will direct them straight to their own online banking app.

The CabPayLINK will display the metered fare (once entered by the driver) and the drivers badge details in a secure PayLINK that is powered by American Express.

Before the Customer can authorise payment, they are presented with the unique CabPay tip defaults of 20%, 10%, 5% or 0%.

For avoidance of doubt, no credit card is used and the customer does not need to have an American Express card. All that they require is a UK bank account and online banking!

Is the PayLINK compliant and secure?

The CabPayLINK is payment card industry compliant and is a 100% secure service powered by American Express, as the Customer has to use two factor authentication ("2FA") to enter their own online banking details.

Drivers are never at financial risk from a chargeback, as no payment card is used, as the CabPayLINK is a secure bank transfer to Cabvision's account (via American Express), which will be paid to drivers the very next day.

Cabvision Network Limited ("CNL") is approved by TfL as an Approved Card Payment supplier and by the Financial Conduct Authority ("FCA") as a Payment Institution under number 910574.

CabPayLINK is not approved by TfL and should only be used when the driver is taking payment outside of the taxi for private work. For example, prebooked private work, tours, weddings, longer journeys, deposits etc.

Drivers should use CabPayLINK in accordance with both TfL and DVLA licence conditions.

What's the catch?

No catch, no contract, no hidden costs, and permanently low transaction fees

Use the CabPayLINK as and when you need it, it's the perfect supplemental service to the credit card service provided by your TfL Approved supplier.

How to use CabPayLINK